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Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us "The Angel of The Lord" - 6 of 6

J. Mark Martin / Jan 08, 2012


In his 6th and final teaching from his comprehensive study of angels, Pastor Mark shares exactly who is, “THE ANGEL OF THE LORD” in scripture. Is He Michael the Archangel, or the angel Gabriel, or someone else? Angels comfort us, protect us, strengthen us and guide us. The Angel of the Lord can see our needs, He providesfor us; He can communicate from a another form, and is, in fact, God Himself. The Angel of the Lord commissioned leaders, and confront them; He also delivered the children of Israel. Be encouraged by the Angel of the Lord and worship God knowing that it is He, The Angel of the Lord who receives praise. And worship. In this teaching there is a fascinating look at the appearance of Jesus in His pre-incarnated form.

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