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Giving to Calvary

Sharing our resources with other Christians and those in need has been a central part of Christianity since the very first days of the early church. Part of our worship is expressed in giving back to the Lord from the income with which He has blessed us.

We often hear the expression “if this ministry’s been a blessing to you, we’d appreciate your support”. While this is certainly a logical response, our giving should be more than simply “paying for services”; our offerings are first to bless and honor God, and second to support and participate in the ministry of the gospel.

Gifts and donations to Calvary are used to further God’s kingdom in many ways. Support for the ministry enables our ongoing outreaches through:

  •     Radio programming
  •     Internet broadcasting and services
  •     Bible teaching & messages offered at no cost
  •     Local ministry through men and women freed up to serve
  •     Manna Ministry food donations to those in need
  •     Prison ministries, teaching materials for inmates
  •     Support for foreign missions
  •     Assistance in crisis situations
  •     Local street ministry to feed homeless
  •     Kids at risk mentoring program
  •     Support groups for addictions, grieving and other needs

You will see four options to designate your donation:
General Fund - this is used for all our expenses including missions.
Grace Upon Grace Offer - support the Radio ministry and receive the free monthly offer.
Grace Upon Grace Radio - support the Radio ministry without the offer. 
Ministry & Missions - these funds are used for local teaching and outreach as well as missions.

The Bible teaches that Christians should give (1) regularly, (2) from the first part of our earnings, (3) in proportion to our income, (4) cheerfully, and (5) freely, not as a result of compulsion or pressure.

Ways to Give


You can give online, through your bank, or in-service using our giving envelope.