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Bill Davenport

Pastoral Intern

billd at calvaryphx dot com


Calvary Community Church Phoenix Arizona Pastoral Intern Bill Davenport and Emily Davenport
Bill & Emily Davenport

Bill's Bio

I was born and raised in Arizona. I grew up in a loving Christian home. As a child I was very involved in church. I knew at a young age that God wanted me to be in youth ministry. After graduating high school, I went to Bible College, in Minnesota, where I met my wife, Emily. We were married in 2001, in Arizona and began looking for a church we could call home and God led us to Calvary Community Church. God opened the door for us to serve in Jr. High ministry very soon after. In 2008, God blessed us with our son Cale. My wife and I have been involved in Jr. High & H.S. youth ministry at Calvary since we arrived and now have been given the privilege to lead the Jr. High Youth.


Year Born: 1980

Spouse' Name: Emily

Married Since: 2001

Children: 1

Where were you born?: Phoenix, AZ

Saved Since: 1987

On Staff Since: 2014

Previous Work Type: Bank

Hobbies: Video Games with my son, camping, watching the Arizona Cardinals, long boarding, and spending time with my family

Favorite Food: Mexican Food is a staple to my existence

Favorite Scripture verse, passage, or book of the Bible: Matthew 5:9, Book of James

Other books that have blessed you: "BE" book series

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