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Ministry Directory

Groups //

Growing Together
Calvary Men's Ministry
Calvary Women's Ministry
Calvary Children's Ministry
Calvary Junior High
Calvary College Age Ministry
Calvary Young Families Ministry
Calvary Faith Today
Calvary Contemporary Adults Ministry
Calvary Leading Edge Ministry
Calvary Grief Share Ministry
Calvary First Step Ministry
Calvary Fellowship Adventures Ministry

Classes //

Learning Together
Calvary Foundations Class
Calvary Discipleship Training

Teams //

Serving Together
Calvary Street Ministry
Calvary Prison Ministry
Calvary Prayer Partners
Calvary Kids' Mentoring Program
Calvary Persecuted Church Prayer
Calvary Men's Morning Eye Opener
Calvary Worship
Calvary Media
Calvary Spanish Translation
Calvary First Impressions Team
Calvary Ushers
Calvary Security
Calvary Manna Ministry