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May 2016


XChanged Life: Discipleship Class

Explore the life you were meant to live in this 8-week discipleship class. Register using the button belo...


Junior High Youth Group - Second Service

Jr. High students meet together for a time of worship, teaching, fellowship, and fun every Sunday in the Jr. High Room.


High School Youth Group

High School students come together for worship, teaching, fellowship, and fun every Sunday! Meet in the High School room. Don't forget your Bible.


Men's Freedom Fellowship

Join Marek Wawrzyniak in Room 13 on Tuesday mornings at 6:00 AM for accountability and fellowship around the Word. This group encourages men to walk in sexual purity and freedom in Christ. Come join us!

June 2016


STEP: 12-Week Family Support Group

This is a new group called, STEP. Join others who face the same battle. You may have family or friends who struggle with addictions or alcoholism. We look for strength and sanity by accepting wisdom from the Lord and support from each ...


Encouragement For Single Mother's Group

A ministry dedicated to providing essential practical support to single mothers through Spiritual Growth, Financial Instruction, Parenting Advice, and Emotional Support. RM: 21. Join us as we seek refreshment and new growth for the single mothers ...

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